If we talk about the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists play a very important role in this industry. By the way, in many cases they can also be called the link between the doctor and the patient, because in many cases they act as a link between the doctor and the patient. A pharmacist has many good options to work with, he can work with a doctor and explain to patients about medicines and prescription written by a doctor. And if he wants, he can also work in medicine research field in which he has to know about the good and bad effects of a medicine or its salts. Apart from this, Pharmacist can also start his own business by starting his own chemist shop. This is to say that after a pharmacist there are options to work in both the public and private sectors, besides there is also the option to start your own business. By the way, pharmacists spend more time with the patient or with the patient’s relatives than the doctor and the patient expects them to explain them well about medicines. The patient or relative of the patient forgets to ask the doctor about medicines or is not able to ask in a hurry. They ask the same thing to the Pharmacist very leisurely and the patients also trust him. Therefore, the pharmacist needs to do his work with utmost care and honesty. This is to say that the patients and their relatives trust the pharmacist like a doctor, so they need to do their work with utmost care and responsibility. If you too are thinking of becoming a pharmacist or are motivating your child or someone else to make this career choice. So this article can prove to be very useful for you because we are going to talk about it in detail later in this article.

Who is a Pharmacist?

As far as what the Pharmacist is concerned, it is very important to make it clear here that it is a title which a person gets after completing a particular type of course and after getting registered in the official council. A Registered Pharmacist is responsible for the distribution and management of medicines, in addition to informing the patients about the possible side effects and benefits of the medicines, making them aware of the exact amount and time. This is the reason that a pharmacist takes full responsibility of medicines related doubts and management in dispensaries and pharmacies. A Pharmacist should not only read a prescription written by a doctor, but also the benefits, side effects, and right dosage for which patient? Etc. should also be known. Because it is often common for pharmacists to interact with patients or their relatives, they can ask a wide range of questions to ask pharmacists to address drug-related doubts. Only the pharmacist who has appropriate information will be able to answer these questions.

Eligibility to become a pharmacist?

Talking about eligibility to become a pharmacist, admission in these professional courses after class XII 10 + 2 can be taken. But only those students who have passed the twelfth examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics subjects with a certain percentage are considered eligible to take admission in such professional courses. This is to say that a candidate aspiring to become a Pharmacist is required to pass 10 + 2 with at least PCB or PCM subjects.

Course to become a pharmacist?

As we have already mentioned in the above sentences that to become a Pharmacist, a candidate has to complete a course related to this field from a recognized institution. If we talk about minimum eligibility to become a pharmacist, then if a candidate takes two years diploma course in pharmacy, then he will become a pharmacist. This means that the first course to become a pharmacist is Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharma). This is a two-year course. The second is a degree course in Pharmacy Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharma) which can be taken after 10 + 2 and the program is of four years duration. Apart from this, the candidate can continue to pursue his studies even after B. Pharma, get admission in Master in Pharmacy (M. Pharma) or can also join a course called Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharma D.). But keep in mind that this type of degree is required to perform research tasks in the medical field. The thing to note here is that the candidate can take admission in second year of B. Pharma directly after D. Pharma.