Visa You must have heard this name but do you know what is Visa. If you want to travel abroad, then you need a visa for that, but there are very few people, who understand the difference between passport and visa. Some people make the mistake of thinking of them as one. But you must know that both these things are completely different from each other. Visa plays a big role while traveling abroad. You cannot travel abroad without a visa.

Along with this, it must also be kept in mind that it is also necessary to have a passport while traveling abroad, if you forget any one of these things, then it will not be possible for you to travel abroad at all. If you also want to get more information about Visa, then for that you have to read this post till the end. In this post, you are being given information about what is visa, and how many types of visa are there, and how to apply for visa, and documents required to get visa.

What is Visa?

Visa is a kind of official permission document, which allows a person from another country to come to his country by a country, which is called visa. There are many countries which provide the facility of Visa on Arrival. In which the person is allowed to come to his country only by putting a stamp in the passport. There are also some countries where foreigners have to apply for visa to go there.

This visa allows any person to live, travel, study or work in their country temporarily. Your visa is issued by the government of the country you want to visit. This visa is in the form of an official stamp or document on the passport.

What is the Full Name of Visa?

The English pronunciation and full form of Visa is (VISA – Visitors International Stay Admission), and in Hindi language it is called “Visitors International Stay Admission”.

What is the type of visa?

How long can you stay in a country, or what can you do in that country? All these things depend on the VJ, for which different types of VJs are prescribed. At the time of taking the visa, you have to provide the reason for getting the visa, after which the visa is provided to you accordingly.

Mainly Visa is divided into two parts, whose information is as follows-

  • Non-Immigrant VISA
  • Immigrant VISA

Non-Immigrant VISA:- This is a non-immigrant visa, which is called Non-Immigrant VISA. In this, the foreign person goes abroad for a limited period.

Immigrant VISA:- This is an Overseas Visa, which is called Immigrant VISA. In this, when a person wants to live in another country permanently, then he needs this visa.

Apart from this, there are many types of Visa, whose information is as follows-

Transit Visa: – This type of visa is valid for a maximum of 5 days. This type of visa is issued in the case when a person has to go to another country through another country.

On-Arrival Visa:- This type of visa is issued at the time of entry into a country, but before that the person must already have a visa, because it involves the immigration department of your country to board the flight. It is checked before

Tourist Visa:- This type of visa is issued only for travel. By getting this visa, you can easily move around in any country, but you cannot do any kind of business activities in that country. There are some countries which do not issue Tourist Visa. Before the year 2004, Saudi Arabia used to issue visa only for Haj pilgrims, but now any person can get a tourist visa.

Business Visa:- This is a business visa, which is valid for 5 years. By obtaining this type of visa, a person can set up an industrial / business enterprise, as well as explore the activities of setting up an industrial / business enterprise in India. Apart from this, the task of buying / selling industrial / commercial products can also be given to the people.

Student Visa:- This type of visa is valid for a maximum of 5 years. To obtain this type of visa, the applicant has to issue a certificate of admission and financial aid in a recognized educational institution.

Marriage Visa:- This marriage visa is valid for a fixed period, which is issued only to the people of two different countries to get married. If the boy goes to the girl’s country, then in that case the person has to go to the embassy of that country and apply for a visa by that person.

Common VISA:- This is a simple visa, in which a person can only go to the country by which the visa has been issued by obtaining the visa. Apart from this, there are some visas, through which you get permission to go to many countries.

How to Apply for Visa?

If you also want to go to any other country for studies, business or travel, and want to get a visa for that, then you have to apply for that visa, the process of which is as follows-

You can apply for visa in two ways.

  • Offline
  • Online

What Documents are Required for Visa Application ?

  • Copy of passport and old passport (if any)
  • Passport size photo
  • Visa Payment Receipt
  • Appointment letter

How to Apply for Visa Offline?

  • If you want to apply for visa offline, then you have to go to the embassy for that.
  • After this, get the visa form for that country from where you want to go.
  • Fill the form properly.
  • After filling the form properly, attach the copy of all the required documents.
  • After this all your documents are checked by the government official.
  • After checking the documents, your home is also checked for further processing.
  • After all these checks are completed, you are given a foreign visa.
  • This is a very lengthy process.


After the completion of all the procedures, you are called for an interview by the embassy of the country you want to visit. In this interview, it is ensured by the officials whether you are eligible to go to their country or not. Your fingerprints are also recorded during this interview. After successful interview, the visa is issued to you by the embassy officials.

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