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The post of police officer is a very respected post, which most of the citizens of the country want to get. Under the police department, police officers are appointed in many types of posts, for which the citizens of the country are selected in large quantities. Apart from this, many types of units also work in the police department, one such unit is of UP Police, which is known as STF. This type of unit works only within the states. Whose main task is to take action against the active gang wars in the state and stop them completely.

Apart from this, STF works to take action against them with the help of police to curb the dacoity, gang, mafia gang, organized crime etc. happening in the state. Along with this, in cases outside the state, with the cooperation of the local police of that state, they catch the criminals. Police officers of Uttar Pradesh state are mainly recruited in STF. If you want to get more information related to STF, then for that you have to read this post till the end. What is STF, and what is the full form of STF, and information is being given about STF.


Q. What is the full form of STF?

Ans. STF is called “Special Task Force. It is a special force for the elimination of extreme activities of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Q. What is STF?

Ans. The Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force is primarily focused on technology, CDR analysis, surveillance, advanced technology, intelligence collection, information technology, mobile forensics, etc., in the state of Uttar Pradesh for better use and purpose. uses strategies. UP STF has also received more than 81 gallantry awards by the President of the country and 60 police officers were promoted without turn for gallant deeds.

All the states of India get the right to constitute Special Task Force (STF) units to get the solution of their state’s problems. Such units are formed to meet the shortage of adequate police force. Under this, STF is formed to curb special crimes such as criminal networks, major criminals and anti-terrorism.

STF Important Fact:

  • The post of STF is appointed by the rank of Director General of Police, along with it is also assisted by the Inspector of Police.
  • This STF works as a unit team, in which the working team is directed by the DSP or ASP.
  • The SSP is in charge of conducting all the work done by the STF, STF is empowered to take action at all the places present inside the state.
  • Apart from this, if the STF takes action outside the state, then the STF team has to take the help of the police of that state.

STF Functions:

  • To take action on the STF mafia gang, after getting the intelligence information, it works to take action on that gang.
  • The state government constitutes an STF team to perform a specific type of work.
  • If there is any kind of corruption in the police department, then after getting the intelligence information for it, it works on them.
  • The task of the STF unit is to take action against the dacoits and rein in them.
  • Apart from this, STF also works against the agents of intelligence agencies like ISI by planning and arresting them.

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