Section 144 is used to maintain peace in the law and order in the country. You will often hear that, Section 144 was imposed to maintain peace and order because, Section 144 is implemented only to maintain peace. After this, where this section is implemented, the people of that place have to follow some rules, for violating it, they have to go through legal action.

If you also want to know about section 144, then here you will find the rules of section 144 of CrPC, when does it apply. Its complete information is being provided.

Section 144 CrPC:

Section 144 is a section under CrPC. Whose full name is ‘Code of Criminal Procedure’. The Code of Criminal Procedure Act was passed in the year 1973 and after that it came into force on 1st April 1974. There are two types of procedures done by the police on the occurrence of any crime. The first process is done in relation to the victim and the second process is done in relation to the accused and whose full details are given in the CrPC.

Meaning of section 144:

In our country, Section 144 coming under CrPC is implemented to maintain peace and order everywhere in the country. This section is applicable in special circumstances such as – by stopping rioting, looting, arson, violence, beating, this section is implemented to bring peace and order again.

When can Section 144 be Imposed?

This section is implemented only when a notification is issued by the District Magistrate i.e. District Magistrate to implement this section and then this section is implemented in the area where peace and order has been disturbed, or is there a chance of it happening. Along with this, four or more people cannot gather in the area where this section applies, and after this section is done, it is not allowed to bring weapons to that place.

Rule 144 of CrPC:

  • To control riots and disturbances
  • Section 144 is imposed after the notice of the District Magistrate.
  • 04 or more people cannot gather
  • Internet and possession of weapons can also be banned
  • The person who violates section 144 is punished severely.
  • Any person who does not comply with this section can be arrested by the police at any time.
  • The person to be arrested can be arrested under section-107 or section-151.
  • Anyone who violates this section or does not comply with this section can also be sentenced to one year imprisonment.
  • In this the person can also get bail.

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