In today’s modern times, many such courses have been started, from which you can take your career in the right direction and make your future better. Computer is also considered an important contribution in this, after which many facilities are available and this also makes your work easier.

In today’s time it is considered necessary to do computer course so that you can get any job easily. In such a situation, we are giving you information about an important course, and that is PGDCA and today we are going to give you detailed information about PGDCA.

What is the Full Form of PGDCA?

PGDCA – It is called as Post Graduate Diploma Course in Computer Science.

How to take admission in PGDCA course?

  • If you also want to take admission in PGDCA, then for this you have 2 ways in which you can either take direct admission or you can also take admission on the basis of merit.
  • If you want to take direct admission, then for this you have to go to the college and fill the admission form as well as pay the fees. After that you will get admission easily.
  • Apart from this, admission can also be taken on the basis of merit list, where the list will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained in graduation and admission will be given accordingly. At the time of admission, you will have to fill a form and only then your admission will be completed properly.

PGDCA Course Fees:

If you want to do this course, then it is beneficial for you, but at the same time you also need to have the right information about its fee structure. Fees for this course are determined in different ways, in which fees are determined on the basis of institute, faculty, staff. The fee for this course ranges from ₹6000 to approx ₹1 lakh, depending on the institute and college.

Duration of PGDCA Course:

This is a diploma course in computer science, which gives you better opportunities. It is a course of 1 year duration, divided into 2 semesters with an interval of 6 months.

Key Qualification for PGDCA Course:

Your minimum qualification for doing this course is graduation, which you can complete in any discipline. If you have passed any graduation course with 50% marks, then you can easily do this PGDCA course.

PGDCA Course Syllabus:

This course is of 1 year in which there are 2 semesters, in every semester you have to study different subjects which have been considered essential for this course. In both the semesters, you have to give the exam by studying the subject coming in the right way, only then you can get good marks.

Subjects to be taught in Semester 1:

  • Operating System
  • Basic Computer Programming
  • Communication Skills
  • Basic Finance Management
  • Database Management System

Subjects taught in Semester 2:

  • Software engineering
  • Computer network
  • Data structure
  • Object oriented Programming
  • Web programming

It is also possible that not all these subjects are taught in every institute or college.

Salary available after PGDCA course:

If you have completed PGDCA course, then job opportunities open up for you and you can get a good package. As your experience increases in this field, you can easily make a good income. If you do this course from any institute or college, then after this you get at least ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 40,000 per month.

Opportunities available after PGDCA course:

Once you have done this course, then after that you get good opportunities which can be obtained in government or any big company. After doing this course, you will get better opportunities which are as follows-

  • Data Entry Operator
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Gaming developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Teaching
  • Computer operator
  • Basic programmer
  • Database operator

Apart from this you can get all job opportunities which are related to computer and where computer is used.

Main colleges to offer PGDCA course:

If you want to do this course from any main place, then we are giving you information about it-

  • Dibrugarh University, Assam
  • NRAI School of Mass Communication and Management, New Delhi
  • Department You Responds Studies Panjab University, Chandigarh
  • Patna Women’s College, Patna
  • Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
  • Indo Danish Tool Room, Jamshedpur
  • School of Distance Learning Kakatiya University, Warangal

Apart from this, you can also do this course from any good institute which is near your home and from where you get the degree of this course.

Main advantages of doing PGDCA:

If you have completed this course, then you are definitely going to benefit from it.

  • If you do this course, then you can easily get a job and you can take your future in the right direction.
  • This course makes you an expert in computer.
  • After doing this course, you get another degree, which can be useful in your own job.
  • Through this course, you also get knowledge about the nuances of computer and you also get experience.
  • After doing this course, you can also give training and the work of training children can also be done in any institute.
  • Doing this course in your time will prove to be beneficial because computer is becoming the main demand of today’s time.
  • After doing this course, you will be able to meet all the needs for your family through the salary you get.

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