There can be a lot of confusion about NSA like many know NSA as National Security Act while many people define NSA as National Security Advisor of the country. Today all your confusions which are in your mind about NSA will all be cleared. We want us to know all that is very important about the NSA and to know that we can tell you and the people about it.

National Security Advisor

First of all, know about the country’s National Security Advisor, the post of NSA is a respectable post. This is a post, which is considered one of the most powerful bureaucrats in the Government of India. This post of NSA was first started from November 1998. The person who is selected for the post of NSA is mostly related to Indian Foreign Service or Indian Police Service. At the same time, Brajesh Mishra was elected to this post as the first National Security Advisor in India, but now NSA Ajit Doval has been entrusted with the responsibility of this post.

What is Rasuka (National Security Act)?

NSA is also called Rasuka (National Security Act), in this the section of this law is used by the administration when the protesters are found to be involved in anti-national activities. Rasuka means National Security Act or Act (NSA). If you talk about the punishment under it, then you should also know that the person detained in this can be kept in jail for a maximum of one year. Under the Rasuka (National Security Act), if the government feels that any person is preventing him from performing the tasks that ensure the security of the country, then it can give the power to arrest him.

Difference between National Security Act and National Security Advisor:

The person who is selected as the National Security Advisor becomes a senior officer of the National Security Council (NSC) of India. A person holding the rank of NSA serves as the Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister of India on national and international security policy. At present Ajit Doval has attained the post of NSA. He is fulfilling the responsibility of his second term with great devotion and he was also given the responsibility of the post of cabinet minister in the government. The same National Security Act or Rasuka is imposed in the interest of the country on those anti-social elements who are or are likely to threaten the country. Its quote is “Chandrasekhar” Chief of Bhim Army who was arrested due to Rasuka and had to stay in jail for many days.

Before Ajit Doval, 4 persons had been appointed to the post of National Security Advisor so far, in which Mr. Brajesh Mishra; Indian Foreign Service officer was appointed as India’s first National Security Advisor in November 1998 appointed by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who served in his post till 22 May 2004.

What is the full form of NSA?

The full form of NSA can be defined in two forms so that there is no feeling of opposition. We define the full name of NSA in Hindi so that you do not get confused.

  • The first full form of NSA can be done as National Security Advisor, which is also called “National Security Advisor” in English.
  • The second full form of NSA is known as National Security Act, which is also called “National Security Act” in English language.

Functions of National Security Advisor:

  • It is the National Security Advisor (NSA), who works to advise the Prime Minister of India on all matters related to external and internal security threats to India.
  • Taking the responsibility of his work, takes all the intelligence reports and presents them to the Prime Minister.
  • Along with this, the person receiving this post also participates in national and international meetings organized by the Prime Minister of India on strategic and sensitive issues.
  • The person serving in the rank of NSA also serves as the Prime Minister’s special envoy on security matters with China, Pakistan and Israel. Apart from this, he accompanies the Prime Minister on NSA, official foreign and state visits.
  • It is the main adviser in attacking a country or protecting it from external threats, steps are also taken according to its strategy.

National Security Advisor Salary:

The person getting this post is provided salary of Rs 1,62,500 per month (cannot confirm) but the person who got this post has to work very hard, only after that the person gets this post. succeeds in achieving Apart from salary, other government facilities are also provided.

National Security Advisor’s list so far:

Sr_No. Name NSA Advisor Duration Prime Minister
1. Brajesh Mishra(IFS) November 1998 to 22 May 2004 Atal Bihari Vajpayee
2. J. N. Dixit (IFS) 23 May 2004 to 3 January 2005 Manmohan Singh
3. M. K. Narayanan (IPS) 3rd January 2005 to 23rd January 2010 Manmohan Singh
4. Shivshankar Menon (IFS) 24 January 2010 to 28 May 2014 Manmohan Singh
5. Ajit Doval (IPS) 30 May 2014 to Present Narendra Modi

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