The whole world is troubled by the problem of novel corona virus epidemic, many countries of the world have been affected by it. Seeing this problem, different steps are being taken by all the countries. Seeing all this, the Prime Minister of India also took a different step, to fight this situation, imposed a curfew all over India, which has been called Janata Curfew. Janata Curfew was implemented for the first time in India, which was supported by the people of the whole of India and it was a successful Janata Curfew.

It was implemented on 22 March 2020 across India. If you also want to know about what is Janata Curfew, what is it, then complete information is being given here.

Know about Janta Curfew:

The Prime Minister of India has repeatedly appealed not to come out of your homes, stay away from crowded places. For this, a curfew-like environment was created in India on Sunday (22 March 2020), the name of this curfew was given by the Prime Minister as Janata Curfew. The duration of this Janata curfew was given from 7 am to 9 pm. This Janata curfew got a big success in India

Know the rules of Janata Curfew:

  • People do not have to go out of their homes on the day of Janata curfew, everyone stays at their own homes.
  • All goods, markets etc. will be closed during this curfew.
  • Get out of the house only when it is very necessary, apart from this, you can take the help given by the government by calling the helpline number of the state.
  • Do not allow the elderly and children to leave the house at all.

Know the importance of Janata Curfew:

In view of the epidemic of Novel Corona virus, although we have to be careful all day, but if all the countrymen follow the Janata curfew on 22 March, then the danger of spreading more Novel Corona virus can be controlled in this same day. The people of India have given their support for the country in dealing with this novel corona virus by supporting this curfew.

Prime Minister’s statement on the subject of Janta Curfew:

Janata Curfew The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, while addressing the country said that – “We have to follow the Janata Curfew on Sunday, March 22 from 9 am to 7 pm. He also explained the meaning of Janata curfew. Explaining its meaning, the Prime Minister said that Janata Curfew means for the people, the curfew imposed on themselves by the people. He called at least 10 people every day till March 22 from every person to give information about measures to prevent corona virus as well as public curfew.

What will happen if you oppose the Janata Curfew?

  • If you oppose Janata Curfew, then you will not face any fine.
  • If you oppose it, then you are not a responsible citizen of the country.
  • No legal punishment rule / law has been made against this.
  • By opposing this, you will promote the epidemic of novel corona virus in the country.
  • Due to those who oppose, the country can go to a frightening situation.
  • The situation in the country will not be normal.
  • The virus cannot be controlled.

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