Security is an important and special issue for any country, for which agency is formed or established for internal and external security in any country. We also know them by the name of Secret Agency. The job of these agencies is to inform the country’s security units of any internal or external threat as soon as possible, so that they can prevent any attack in the country in advance. Today in such a way we will discuss about Intelligence Bureau, the intelligence agency responsible for the internal security of India and also today how can you become an IB officer in this agency and for this you will have to pay any IB agent by the intelligence agency. Salary is given

To get complete information about the intelligence agency Intelligence Bureau, you have to read this article completely. If you want to become an officer or agent in the country’s internal intelligence agency Intelligence Bureau for the service of the country, then you should first take all the information about the intelligence agency Intelligence Bureau.

What is Intelligence Bureau?

This is the internal security agency of India, which was formed in the year 1887, which also makes it one of the oldest institutions in the world. Till the year 1968, the Intelligence Bureau looked after both the internal and external intelligence agencies of the country, but after that RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) was created, which was given the responsibility of external security of the country. The work of the Intelligence Bureau is to obtain information or intelligence of important activities in the country from the point of view of internal security so that they can reach it to the security units of the country as soon as possible. For recruitment in Intelligence Bureau, candidates are mostly selected from the country’s IPS service, IRS service. Whereas the head or chairman of the Intelligence Bureau is selected from the IPS service itself. The Intelligence Bureau works under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Q. What is the full form of IB?

Ans. The full form of IB is Intelligence Bureau.

Q. How to become an IB Officer?

Ans. If you want to become an Intelligence Bureau officer, then you can work in the Intelligence Bureau department of the country through IPS service or SSC. Only very smart and driver candidates are selected in Intelligence Bureau, for which your track record is checked very thoroughly. To become an IB officer, you can choose your career in the following way:-

Intelligence Bureau Recruitment by SSC:

For this you have to SSC CGL which is conducted by SSC or ACIO – Assistant Central Intelligence Officer and IB Security Assistant exam which is conducted by Ministry of Home Affairs. If you get selected in both these exams, then you can get a chance to work in the Intelligence Bureau of the country, for this you have to keep your efforts working.

Q. What is IB ACIO?

Ans. Through this post, IB ACIO communicates and coordinates with senior posts in IB. Assists and reports to the Central Intelligence Officer. If some operations are performed in this, then they are under the joint director and director.

Q. What is IB Security Assistant?

Ans. Through this post, information related to defense is obtained from the field and they are sent to them at the right place. Performing counter terrorist operations. Participation in other work related to country security.

Intelligence Bureau Recruitment by UPSC:

If you want to join Intelligence Bureau on an excellent post, then you can also take entry in Intelligence Bureau by opting for IPS option in Civil Services conducted by UPSC exam. But for this it is not necessary that you will definitely get a chance to work in the Intelligence Bureau. As already mentioned that your track record to become an officer in Intelligence Bureau is studied very closely. If you are already working in the post of IPS then your track record performance is according to Intelligence Bureau then you can be offered to work in IB and if you do this at a very young age and your experience is very high in Intelligence Bureau If it becomes more then you can get a chance to work as Intelligence Bureau Chief or Head or Director.

IB Qualification (Academic):

You can present your application through SSC and UPSC, for which it is very important for you to have at least 12th pass and if you want to apply through UPSC then you must be a graduate.

IB Age Limit: The age limit which is applicable for SSC and UPSC, the same limit will remain here. For this your age should be at least 18 to 40 years. Apart from this, the provision of reservation will also be applicable according to the caste category.

Intelligence Bureau (IB) Salary, Allowances and Facilities:

  • IB Security Assistant: Rs 26, 176 per month
  • IB ACIO: Rs 62, 485 per month
  • RAW/IB Agents: Rs 1.3 lakh per month

Apart from this, apart from salary, home rent allowance, dearness allowance, travel allowance, medical and casual leave along with many other types of allowances and facilities are provided by the government to the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

Note: This is the fixation of salary on an estimate basis, please refer to the official notice for exact details.

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