There are many such works in our country, for which we use our mother tongue, but when we have to travel to another country or go to do some work, then it becomes necessary for us to know English.

English is a world class language, which is also important to understand because through this language you can make a career abroad. If you have ever tried to go abroad, then you must have been asked to take an English language test called IELTS, let’s get the complete information about it.

Full form of IELTS:

The abbreviation for IELTS is “International English Language Testing System”.

What is IELTS?

This test taken in English is counted in the list of International Tests and it is necessary to give it to those people who belong to a country where the English language is not used much. And the citizens of that country want to go to a country where English is the mother tongue of that country or there are a majority of people who speak, read and write English.

How good is your grip on the English language after taking this test? It becomes easy to measure, there are many such coaching institutes in our country that teach to pass this test.

Let us tell you that this test, established in the year 1989, is being taken even today. The candidates of the country who want to go abroad have to pass the test conducted by IDP: IELTS Australia. Its official website is

The responsibility of handling the management of this test rests with 3 institutes, whose names are as follows.

  • British council
  • IDP : IELTS Australia
  • Cambridge assessment english

Which institutes accept IELTS SCORE?

  • Philips
  • International monitoring fund
  • University of Western Australia
  • Study portal
  • Howard Business School
  • University of Cambridge
  • Commission on Graduate of Foreign Nursing Schools

Qualifying for IELTS?

The following is the information about the qualifications required for IELTS.

  • Minimum age 16 years
  • 10th pass
  • Educational Qualification As per Institute

What is the type of IELTS?

It is of two types in total.

  • IELTS Academic Test
  • IELTS General Training

Apart from this, let us tell you that a test named “IELTS Life Skill” is also taken by its test partner.

IELTS Academic Test:

Such applicants have to give this test by going to the countries in which they want to take admission in any university or college and do any course. Apart from this, this test has to be given to go to countries where English language is used more.

IELTS General Training:

This test is for such candidates who use English for academic training or for travel purposes.

IELTS Life Skills:

People who wish to stay or settle permanently in the United Kingdom (US) are required to pass this test. By giving this test, he has to prove that he really speaks the English language well and his ability to listen to the English language is good.

What is the Exam Pattern and Syllabus of IELTS?

The information about its syllabus and exam pattern is given below.


This 4-section module consists of 10 questions in each section, which is given 40 minutes to attempt. There are total 40 questions in it. Out of 40 minutes, 10 minutes are allotted for answer writing and 30 minutes are allotted to the candidate for testing.

The first and second sections in this module are related to social activities and third, fourth module is about education and training.


This three-section module consists of 2 words in the first section, 150 words in the second and 750 words in the third. This module consists of Optional Questions, Long Answer Questions, Summary Questions and Diagram Analysis Questions.

Reading Paper for IELTS Academic Test:

The questions related to various types of international magazines, newspapers, internet and question banks are asked from the candidate in this. All the topics covered in this are according to the syllabus of post graduate and undergraduate studies.

Reading Paper for IELTS General Training:

In the first section, where students are asked questions related to time table and notices, questions related to contracts, training and jobs are asked in the second section. Talking about the third section, students are asked questions related to newspapers, books, internet and magazines in the third section.

Writing Paper for IELTS General Training:

In this two-tasking module, in the first task, the candidate has to write 150 words in just 20 minutes and complete it. In the same second task, students are given only 40 minutes to write 250 words. In this the entire answer is written in sentence. Short answer or bullet points are not valid inside it.

Writing Paper for IELTS Academic Test:

Tables, charts, graphs, memes, processes, diagrams are some of the things that students have to show their analysis in the first task and express their views on the topic given to the students in the second task. Information has to be given about the problem or the problem that has been mentioned, what can be the solution.

Writing Paper for IELTS General Training:

The first task in this, in which the candidates have to write a letter on a topic related to daily life and in the second test, they have to prepare an essay on any one normal subject.


This is the time of examination for the students. In this, students have to sit in front of the interviewing team and there are total three types of sections under it.

In which in the first section, the student is asked information about his interest, education, work, family, home, by the team of interviewees and it takes 4 to 5 minutes to complete it.

The second section, in which the students are given a special task card based on a particular subject by the team of interviewers and the student is given only 1 minute to read and understand it. And after the completion of 1 minute time, the student gets 2 minutes to speak whatever he has understood by reading the task card.

The third section involves discussions and interactions between the student and the interviewee team, which lasts for 4 to 5 minutes.

What is the registration process of IELTS?

Before you register yourself in it, let us tell you that you must keep your passport with you before starting the registration and if you do not have a passport then get it done because you have to enter the passport number in it. Let’s know how you can register yourself in IELTS.

  • First of all, you have to click on the link which we have given below. By doing this you will reach the official website of ielts
  • After reaching the website, create your account on the website using the given method.
  • Now after completing the required process, select the test center located near you.
  • Now now pay the fees online using any payment method and take a print out of it.
  • In this way your online registration process is completed. Now on the given date you have to go for the test.

What is the registration fee of IELTS?

All the candidates who want to appear for the IELTS test to go abroad should know how much they will have to pay for getting it registered. Let us tell you that you have to pay a registration fee of ₹ 14,700 to give this test and you will have to pay it every time you register yourself to take this test. The fee for this test may vary in some states. Some institutes fix the scale of fees separately.

How to give IELTS test?

There are total 2 types of giving it, first is offline and second is online. However, in view of the increasing impact of Kovid-19, the government has provided a means of giving a new test named “IELTS Indicator”.

Online test:

To give online test you have to go to cyber cafe and if you have computer at home then you can give online test from home itself. The most important thing about giving an online test is that you can give the test 3 times daily and the result of whatever test is given online is also released quickly.


Whichever paper based IELTS test you can give maximum 4 times in a month. The candidates who give the test through this test get the result very late as compared to giving the online test.

IELTS Indicator:

People’s dream of going abroad can also come true and people were also saved from being hit by the corona virus, that is why the government has started it for the convenience of the people, so that people can stay at home without leaving the house or computer or computer. Then you can give this test with the help of laptop.

How to check IELTS result?

After giving this test, when you come to know that its result has been released, then you have to go directly to its official website and enter the login ID, password, passport number and other information in the given place. After which you will be able to see how many marks you have got in this test.

What is ELTS Score?

For your information, let us tell you that, in this test, pass or fail is not written by writing, but a score is given in it, which is called a key band, which goes from 1 to 9 numbers. Those who do not participate in this test are given a 0 band.

  • 9 Band: Expert User
  • 8 Band: Very Good User
  • 7 Band: Good User
  • Band 6: Competitive User
  • Band 5: Modest User
  • Band 4: Limited User
  • Band 3: Extremely Limited User
  • Band 2: Intermittent User
  • Band 1 : Non User
  • Band 0 : did not appear in the test

How to prepare for IELTS?

  • There are many such educational channels on YouTube, who do its preparation, watch them and follow the tips given by them.
  • Meet people who have given this test and get expert advice on this test from them.
  • Visit its official website, from there you will get a lot of study material.
  • It is necessary for you to strengthen your English because you will have to give this test in English only.
  • You can also join any good coaching institute located near the house for better preparation.


Questions: How many centers are there for IELTS test in India?

Answer: 67

Questions: IELTS is spread in how many countries of the world?

Answer: 140

Questions: In how many days IELTS result comes?

Answer: The result of the online test comes within just 3 to 5 days, while the decision of the offline test is done after 11 to 15 days.

Questions:  For how many years is the IELTS result valid?

Answer: UP to 2 years


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