Digital India Mission is a flagship program of the Government of India, under which public facilities in the country can be made available to the public in the shortest possible time. Under this, the Government of India will connect all the villages of the country to the city through broadband service and adopt the form of Digital India in various sectors like agriculture, banking, railways, healthcare etc. Through the Digital India program, the government wants to provide all those services to the people without paper, for which people do not get the facility at the right time. You can also understand this as a small example; Earlier in the country, one had to wait in long queues to pay the electricity bill, solve the problem, then his number comes somewhere.

In such a situation, people who are engaged in the line leaving their work, sometimes their entire or half day is spent in this work and it also had a very bad effect on the income earned during the day. In such a situation, you yourself can think that how much was the need of this digital program for India. If you do not get much information about the Digital India scheme and you want to know about it, then here what is the Digital India scheme for you. Portal Online Registration ( – Complete information about benefits and purpose is being given.

This is a planned program run by the Government of India in the public interest, whose purpose is to connect the people directly with the government, in this, connecting villages and cities through digital services, services run in public welfare such as health, agriculture, railways and Other types of schemes are to promote digital use and at the same time ensure that more and more facilities are now made available to the people through electronic means. For this, all the villages of the whole country will be connected by the government under the Bharat Broad Band scheme, so that the spread of information and service can be done faster.

Goals of Digital India:

The goal of the Government of India is to establish coordination through digital services in all areas (health, education and judicial services etc.) and strengthen communication between inter-states and services. We can look at the objectives on the following points:-

  • Connecting all the cities of the country through broadband like a highway.
  • To provide telecommunication service and internet facility to all the citizens.
  • Implementation of e-governance to improve governance.
  • To make available maximum public welfare services through electronic means.
  • Ensuring access to information through digital means to all.
  • Zero import of parts for electronic products in India.
  • Creating more and more jobs through digital program.

What is Digital India Portal?

The Digital India Portal ( has been created by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology of India, in which information is given about the digital program by the Government of India, as well as you to give your support in the digital program. You can also become a partner in it.

There is no online application and registration facility on the portal as provided through Digitize India scheme, also keep in mind that Digitize India program was added under Digital India program whose purpose was to maintain digital documents | Document management, IT applications and records management are done through Digitize portal.

On the contrary, Digital India is a comprehensive scheme whose impact and scope of work is very expansive and its results will also be very far-reaching and powerful.

Creating Digital Services under Digital India (Digital India Products):


This digital service keeps all your papers and documents secure through online cloud storage and can do e-Aadhaar verification in a jiffy.

National Scholarship Portal:

It keeps a record of all the scholarships run by the central and state and other government organizations running in the country and you can submit the same application. This scheme has proved to be a boon for the students of the country and the credit goes to this important work of Digital India due to which it has become possible.

E-Hospital / ORS:

This has proved to be a very beneficial scheme, with the advent of e-hospital, now you can take an appointment in the hospital by applying online sitting at home. This facility is available in almost all the major government and semi-government hospitals in the country.

Digitize India Platform (DIP):

Don’t be confused by the name as many people sometimes mistook this platform as a scheme but there is a service under Digital India through which to digitize physical records, to reduce the pile of papers in record rooms and offices. |

Many such services have been run by the Government of India, including UMANG App, e-NAM scheme, Swachh Bharat Mission and they have been produced under Digital India program.

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