India is being promoted to operate digitally in all areas since the year 2014, in this episode the process of bringing Digital Address Code i.e. Digital Address Code (DAC) is being done by the Government of India in the country. With the help of this, the goods of online shopping will reach your home without entering the address. This means that you will no longer need to provide them again and again to order delivery or pay property tax through online mode.

All you need is a unique code for your address like Aadhaar. This will be possible through a Digital Address Code (DAC) for each address across the country. Here you have been provided information about what is Digital Address Code (DAC) and how DAC code will work.

What is Digital Address Code (DAC)?

Digital Address Code (DAC) is being created by the Department of Posts, Government of India. Under this arrangement, each house will have its own separate code. This will be a unique code similar to the number of the Aadhar card, which will be given to every citizen of India according to their address. In simple words, if there is a two storey building, and it has 10 flats, then each flat will have its own code. If there is a two storey house, and two families live in it, then separate codes will be formed for both the families. Now you must have understood that DAC is nothing but a unique code of your address, which will help you in many types of facilities including online delivery in the coming time.

How is the Digital Address Code (DAC) being created?

Every address in the country will be identified to create a Digital Address Code. After identifying the address, it will be linked to the geospatial coordinates. By doing this, the address of every citizen of the country will be recognized not by his street or locality but by the code consisting of unique numbers and letters. Recently, the Department of Posts has released the Approach Paper of the Draft Digital Address Code on its official website. So that the stakeholders can give their feedback and suggestions on this. If DAC gets the approval, then it will prove to be very beneficial for the countrymen.

How will the DAC code work?

You can use the DAC code by typing it or you will be able to get the exact location of the house by scanning it like a QR code. After the introduction of the DAC code, you will get rid of the hassle of feeding the address for any work. You will also be able to view digital maps with the help of DAC codes.

Benefits of Digital Address Code (DAC):

After getting permission to Digital Address Code (DAC), many such benefits can be seen:-

  • Through this, online address verification of each house will be done easily. Apart from this, the process of e-KYC (E-KYC) of banking, insurance, telecom will become very easy.
  • DAC can become very helpful for the service of e-commerce company and NBFC companies.
  • Digital Address Code will prove to be very helpful in issuing government schemes issued by the Government of India and State Governments. Apart from this, it will help in preventing the incidents of fraud currently happening.
  • Apart from this, help in preparing property, taxation, disaster management and census and population register will be provided. Digital Address Code (DAC) will help in realizing the dream of One Nation One Address.

Why Digital Address Code (DAC) is necessary?

The DAC code will act as a permanent code, after which services like e-commerce will become very easy. Also, many tasks like tax filing, EKYC and address verification will be done easily with the DAC code without having to feed the address.

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