If you have a bank account, and you also use an ATM card, then you must know about the CVV number. This CVV is a unique number, which is used during online transactions. At present, digital transactions are increasing rapidly, in which you can make online payment by shopping in any way while sitting at home. Credit or debit card is used to make online transactions. In this type of card, a CVV or CVC number is given, which is used at the time of online payment.

Without this CVV it is not possible to do online transactions. The payment gets confirmed as soon as this number is used at the time of online payment. But there are many people who are not aware of this CVV number. In this article, you are being given information about what is CVV, and what is the full form of CVV, and how to see the CVV number of the card.

What is CVV?

CVV is a kind of unique code, which is printed on every credit card or debit card. This code may be three or four digits long on the back of the card. The availability of this number is sought during any kind of online transaction. The payment is confirmed as soon as this number is entered in the online payment.

What is Full Form Form Of CVV?

It is called CVV – “Card Verification Value”. In this CVV number, complete information about the account holder’s account is present. Therefore, it should never be shared with any unknown person.

History of CVV:

In earlier times, some codes were printed on debit cards and credit cards, which were called Card Security Code (CSC). This CSC code was invented by Stone in the UK in the year 1995. This security concept was approved by the ‘Association of Payment Clearing Services’ after conducting all kinds of investigations. Initially this CVV code was of 11 digits, after which it was reduced to 3 to 4 digits. During the transaction in Paytm, Frecharge or any other app through which digital payment is made, you have to fill your card information. In this information, you are also asked the CVV code. If you do not enter this code, your payment may not be successful.

How to check CVV card Number:

CVV code is used as security, but many people do not know where this CVV code is. Whatever credit or debit card you have, you are given a black magnetic strip on the back of it, you see three digits just below this magnetic strip, this number is your CVV number. Apart from this, many types of information are given in the card. In this, you get a 16 digit card number on the top of the card, and the month and year are given in the last date of the card, apart from this, the name of the card holder is also written on the card.

Why is CVV code necessary?

Whenever you go out somewhere, and do any kind of shopping, or you withdraw money from an ATM machine through your card, then you have to use your card by taking it out in public places. The information on the top of your card like card number and expiry date is given, which fraud people can easily see and cheat, but the CVV number is written in the back of the card. Due to which people are saved from cheating. | So every card holder has to keep his/her CVV number safe.

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