What is Anganwadi – Complete information about Anganwadi scheme:

Under the Directive Principles of State Policy of the Constitution of India, it is expected from the state that it will make arrangements for nutrition and education for children up to the age of 0-6 years. This is also the purpose of establishing Anganwadi. Anganwadi is a government-supported center at the village level as a program of Integrated Child Development Services to meet the nutritional, health and educational needs of young children. Anganwadi caters to the needs of children up to 6 years of age, adolescent girls, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Anganwadi is a rural mother and child care center in India. They were started by the Government of India in 1975, as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program to combat hunger and malnutrition of children. … This type of anganwadi center provides basic health care in Indian villages.

What is the work of Anganwadi Instructor or Anganwadi workers?

Vaccination and providing nutritious food for children under 6 years of age. Providing vaccination to pregnant women up to the time of delivery. Providing nutritious food to mothers of newborn babies and their caregivers. Providing proper health to a malnourished child and sending them to a central hospital. Each Anganwadi is built on a population of about 400-800 people. Depending on the population, the Gram Panchayat area may have one or more Anganwadi centers. Anganwadi workers and assistants run the Anganwadi Center and implement the ICDS in coordination with officials of health, education, rural development and other departments. For every 25 Anganwadi workers, an Anganwadi supervisor is appointed, who is called the Chief Sevika, and who guides the Anganwadi worker and helper in relation to the work. Anganwadi should also be a center for spreading awareness about the needs and care of young children. Vaccination, nutrition, care, prevention of malnutrition is the main task of the courtyard.

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