The headline of this article is What is Advertisement. We will discuss these topics in detail, what is the meaning of advertising and what is the meaning of why so much money is spent for advertising.

There are many means of showing advertisements, through which advertisements are published. Often advertising is done from a place where it is more public like putting posters on the road, playing ads in movie theaters or you will get to see a lot of ads while watching TV channel serials. The running time of an advertisement on TV is 30 to 60 seconds. It may be that that item Product is fully mentioned in it. It must have come in the mind of most of the people that there are many reasons why this advertisement is run, which will be known further, but the advertisement is very cleverly written and made using the catchy image so that more and more people are attracted to this product .

What is Advertisement?

As soon as we hear the name of the advertisement, an image starts forming in the mind of many types because every day hundreds of ads are visible somewhere or the other, the picture of those advertisements is saved by our mind, hence remembering many advertisements as soon as we take the name of each advertisement. comes. Advertising is a means through which to inform the general public about the quality of goods, services or ideas or to attract the public to their goods, so that the consumer gets attracted and uses the goods and services in his use, this is called advertising. Today advertising is easily accessible to every person from house to house, the biggest contribution in this is social media which most of the people use.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, many types of advertisements are printed in the newspapers, magazines or TV, which have to be seen, in such a situation, every person gets to see many advertisements because in today’s time from road to home, from mobile to TV. From books to magazines only advertisements are printed.

Meaning of Advertisement:

Advertisement is known as Vigyapan in Hindi language, this word of advertising is the word of Latin language Advertere which means to impress the mind, this word was named Advertising, its Hindi meaning is Vigyapan. Advertising means to inform people about a particular product or service, or to make the general public aware of that information.

Types of Advertisement:

Advertisements are broadcast in many ways so that the information of the item can be reached to more people in less time. Because every advertising broadcasting company uses different platforms, that’s why many people are confused about how advertising is done, the main medium of advertising presented below, which you can understand by reading.

Newspaper: There are many mediums of advertising broadcasting, but newspaper is the oldest and best medium for advertising, which has been in circulation for many years, through news paper, the promotion of goods and services can be done very easily. It is suitable for most of the business.

Radio: Radio is a very old platform for advertising, but even today a lot of advertisements are done through radio, even today there is a large amount of listeners of radio, this is the reason that many advertisements are done through radio. How to become RJ (Radio Jockey)? Read this.

Magazines: Magazines are also very popular for advertising, it is published at certain times like Weekly, Monthly, 3 Monthly, 6 Monthly, and Yearly, so it is oriented so that the target audience is there to read the magazine. That’s why it is considered a good advertising medium.

Television: A lot of ads are seen between serials, reality shows, movies, news channels, played on TV, it is expensive but it is an effective advertisement, it is presented in a variety of TV channels dramatic The manner in which the characteristics of the object are described.

Cinema: Many types of advertisements are often shown in cinema houses before or in the middle and at the end of the movie play.

Direct Marketing: This advertising medium can prove to be useful for local advertising, direct conversation can be done through direct email marketing phone call or WhatsApp Messaging App, it can be very profitable advertising.

Internet: In today’s era, advertising is run full on the Internet, by using many types of filters from the Internet, ads can be run from here, apart from online companies, offline companies also advertise banner ad popup ad text ad from internet Campaigning can be done.

Social Media: Social media is used by most of the people in today’s time, so advertising on social media can be quite appropriate, from here the public can be attracted according to its goods and services, this is the reason. A lot of ads are run from Influencer, whether it is done through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, its reach is very high.

Poster: It is also very easy to advertise through posters because these types of advertisements are printed with a printing machine and placed on the streets, intersections etc. advertisement.

Loudspeaker: This advertising medium is a bit old but is considered to be a very useful advertising medium. Loudspeaker advertising can prove useful for small business or local business, through this, by recording some important information about the business, the streets, neighborhoods and small towns. is broadcast through loudspeakers.

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