It often happens that your interview and test went very well, but still your selection is not done. This can happen sometimes due to small mistakes made in your resume, which you ignore but your employer does not ignore. The resume plays an important role in getting a job. Whether or not you are qualified for the job also depends on whether your resume is able to impress the hiring manager. Therefore, while making a resume, it is very important to keep in mind the knowledge of all the important things present, as well as to avoid some mistakes.

Avoid Grammar Mistake:

While making a resume, avoid making grammatical mistakes in your resume. Because 58 percent of employers reject due to typing mistakes or grammar mistakes. In this case, carefully make your resumé and possibly avoid typing mistakes and grammar.

Give correct information:

Check all the information given in your resume correctly. Sometimes a wrong number can overwhelm all your hard work. If you have passed the interview and any incorrect information has been given in your resume, it is possible that you will be rejected. Sometimes people tell their rank or job title better than the real for the benefit of themselves, but this can be revealed during the interview. In this case, it is very important to give all the correct information in this resume.

One Resume for all Jobs:

Do not give the same resume for every job. According to Career Builders, 36 per cent of the employers feel that their resume is quite normal. Instead of making a normal resume, see what kind of resume you have to send for the job and what kind of skills your employer is looking for. Then work on your resume keeping those skills in mind.

Different formats and Styles in the Same Resume:

Do not use different style fonts and formats in your resume. Use a shape and size bullet for a bullet point. Do not change the font on every section or page. Avoid over-formatting.

Show Job-Related Qualifications Only:

There is no rule as to how long a resume should be. Just like some people like 2-page resumes, some people like to read all the information in one page. In such a situation, tell only your qualifications and achievements which are necessary for that job.

Please State the Date in the Resume

When you quit your job, when it is important to have dates like joins in your resume. Many times your employer may feel that by not telling the dates, you are trying to hide any information. According to the Career Builders survey, 27 percent of employers reject candidates for not disclosing the correct dates in their resume.

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