In addition to the written examination for any job, one has to undergo an interview. During interviews in IT companies, many difficult questions are sometimes asked.

Interviews are part of the selection process of any job. While the level of knowledge and study of a candidate is evaluated through a written examination, the interview is a means of examining the personality of a candidate. In the interview, such questions are asked, so that the presence of the candidate can be ascertained. How able a particular candidate is to handle difficult situations. If the work pressure suddenly increases, then how much will the candidate handle it. The answer to these things is tried to find with the help of interview questions. More difficult questions are asked in IT companies. You will be able to read 10 similar questions asked in IT companies here. If you too are preparing for a job interview, then these questions will help you a lot.

Here are some questions that ask mostly in the interview…

1. Tell me about yourself about 5 minutes or less?

2. Previously, what skills have you brought with you from where you were working?

3. What do you know about our company?

4. If a news story is made on your life, what will be its headline?

5. If you start a company tomorrow, what will be the three core values ​​of your company?

6. Which song correctly defines your work related ethics?

7. What would be your answer if you get a chance to get salary without working?

8. If the tiger suddenly comes in front of you, what will be your response?

9. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

10. If you get the lottery and you win 10 crores in the lottery, will you do the job even after that?