Multiplying, dividing or squaring in maths. Generally, these things take time and the brain also eats. In such a situation, short tricks are of great benefit.

Square Tricks in Math:

If a number has to be squared in maths, then multiply that number by itself and make it square. For example, if we want to square 87, we multiply 87 by 87, ie 87×87 = 7569. The method of multiplication also takes a little time and the mind has to focus. If the attention wanders around and there is a mistake in adding or multiplying a number, then all the hard work goes in vain. In such a situation, short tricks prove very useful to solve them. A square of any two-digit number is derived in two ways. One of those numbers which has 5 at the end and the rest of the numbers.

Finally 5

It is easy to square a number ending in 5. The number, except 5, is to be multiplied by one more than itself and then write the square of 5, ie 25. Like if we want to find the square of 95, we will multiply 9 by one more than that which will give us 90 and then write the square of 5 ie 25. You can understand this in the way described below.



Remaining Number

The method of deriving the square of the rest of the numbers will take a little longer. But they take much less time than the general rule. In this method, it takes three columns. In the first column, the first digit is squared, in the second column, both the digits are multiplied by 2 and in the third column the square of the second digit. Then add the number in the middle column and the tens digit of the last column. Then the last digit of the sum that comes in the middle column goes with the digit of the third column and the rest of the digits are added to the number in the first column. Like we have to square 89.

In the first column we will write the square of 8, in the second multiply both by 2, and in the third, we will write the square of 9.

Now we will add 144 in the middle column and 8 in the last column ie 8
Now 152 comes in the middle column, 2 of which will go before 1 of the last column and add 15 to 64.

Ie now it will be done

64 + 15-21