Millions of youth of the country keep looking for some kind of job to improve their economic condition. But due to rising unemployment, getting a job is also a problem. There are some youths who, along with their studies, are also in search of jobs to fulfill their own needs. In many types of work, there are some tasks that do not require much effort to do. One such job is that of a call center, in which the interest of working is seen in many youths.

Many call centers are present in big cities of India, in which the number of youth working is also high. Along with this, it is also a good job option. If you are also interested in working in Call Center, then for that you have to read this article till the end. In this post, you are being given information about what is a call center, and what is called a call center job, and what is done in a call center.

What is Call Center?

A call center is a customer company, in which the problem of the customer related to that company has to be solved by the person working in the call center of that company. You would often contact customer care to solve your problems. Contacting customer care means calling the call center. At present, all companies take the help of Call Center to provide better facilities to their customers.

In this call center, customers can contact and get solutions to their problems through calls. You must have heard about the call centers of many telecom companies such as BSNL, IDEA, RELIANCE, VODAFONE, AIRTEL etc. Apart from this, there are many government organizations, which are made to give assistance to the citizens.

Apart from this, there are some other companies, which provide customer care facilities to their customers, such as – Product Company, Insurance Company and Bank etc. Such companies set up call centers to give product information to their customers. The person working in the call center of these companies is called customer care.

How Call Centre Work?

Many types of tasks are solved in the call center. The functions covered under this are as follows- Mobile industries, travel industries, hospitality services, technical support and software support, etc. The call center plays an important role in doing the work.

Under this, two types of call Centers Work –

  • In Bond Call Center: In this type of call center, the customer calls himself to get his problems resolved.
  • Out Bond Call Center: In this type of call center, the customer is called by the customer care of the company.

Skills Required to Work in a Call Center:

  • To work in the call center, the applicant must have good knowledge of Hindi and English language, apart from this, knowledge of regional language is also necessary.
  • The applicant must have passed the 12th examination.
  • The typing speed of the applicant should be good in the computer, because in order to keep the data, complete information of the customer has to be kept, which has to be written by typing from the computer along with the call.
  • The listening and understanding ability of the applicant should also be good, because the customer in front can be heard easily.
  • The talking skills of the applicant should also be good, because you have to satisfy the person in front.

Call Center Training:

The employees selected to work in the call center are trained to use specific words to communicate with the customer. Some special words used in conversation are as follows, hello, thank you, yes, okay, have a nice day etc.

For this, a kind of script is prepared, according to which the employee of the company has to negotiate. Apart from this, if a customer uses abusive language during the conversation with the employee, then training is also given to deal with that situation.

How to Apply to Work in Call Center?

  • If you want to work in the call center, then for that you have to go to the official website of the company in which you want to work.
  • After this, you can check the Jobs Requirements by going to that company’s website.
  • If an employee is required in the company. So you can apply in that.
  • In the application, you have to attach your resume and educational qualifications.
  • If you are selected by the company, then after that you are called for interview in the company.
  • After which you get appointed to the post of customer care.
  • Apart from this, if you want, you can also apply by visiting the official website of Monster.Com, Naukri.Com and etc for job in call center.

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