What is Google Pay? and how to run google pay? Its a common question come to mind while we use it. In this article we will know about Google Pay, if you want to create an account on Google Pay. If you do not know, then read this article completely, I am going to give you step by step information, by reading this article you will be familiar with the information of Google Pay.

Using Google Pay, you can transfer money online to anyone, as well as bill payment, recharge, bank money transfer, check your bank account balance, apart from this, many things can be accomplished with Google Pay on money transfer. You can also win rewards, you can also earn money from this app through Referrals, as well as create an account by downloading this app and you can also get a bonus of Rs.100. Google Pay is a Google product that can take online money transfer, recharge, bill payment, bank money transfer, apart from other facilities from Google Pay, it is a very trusted application because it is a Google product, this application is developed by Google. It is quite easy to use it, it is very simple interface. +

Now Know About What is Google Pay? When is It Launched ?

Google Pay is an app that allows to do digital payment transfer, electricity gas water DTH mobile bill payment, mobile recharge, bank to bank money transfer, it is a UPI (Unified Payment Interface) based mobile application. UPI is operated by NPCI. NPCI controls the Indian banking system, which is considered a very trusted application. If you have heard about Bhim UPI or PhonePe UPI, it is also a similar platform which is a platform for online secure money transfer, with this application you can sit at one place and send money anywhere in a few seconds. Also, one can request for money from any of his friends and relatives. Multiple Layer Security is used to secure Google Pay, which increases security to a great extent. This app has been specially developed keeping India in mind, this app can be used in many languages ​​till now. This app supports more than 7 languages ​​which is quite right for Indian.

Google Pay App is a Google product, it was launched in the name of Android Pay in 2015, then it has been released in the name of Google Pay in 2018 by updating many things in India by Arun Jaitley on 19 September 2017. It was inaugurated some time ago, it is also known as Tez, but its name has been chosen by Google as Google Pay, now it is known by the name of Google Pay, it is a very safe and convenient app. So now you can trust on this app.

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