In this article has been focused on IAS salary based on ranks and scale. The salary of IAS officer is among the highest paying salaries in government sector. IAS officers are promoted within every 4-5 years for go to the next level. The Indian Administrative Services or IAS officers have five scales name that are:

  • Junior Scale
  • Senior Time Scale
  • Junior Administrative Grade
  • Selection Grade
  • Super Time Scale

Here is the mentioned what the (IPS) Indian Administrative Officers get as pay scales in different scales:

Salary Structure of IAS Officer:

Position in the State Government(s) or Central government Pay Scale (per month) Grade Pay
Cabinet Secretary of India 90,000 Cabinet Secretary Grade
Chief Secretary of States, Secretary (Union Secretaries in charge) of various ministries of Government of India 80,000 (fixed) Apex Scale
District Magistrate/Collector/Deputy Commissioner of a District 15,600-39,100 plus grade pay of 7600 Junior Administrative Grade
District Magistrate/Collector/Deputy Commissioner of a District 15,600-39,100 plus grade pay of6600 Senior Time Scale
District Magistrate/Collector/Deputy Commissioner of a District or Special Secretary in the State government or Director in the Government of India 37,400-67,000 plus grade Pay of8700 Selection Grade
Divisional Commissioner in a division or Secretary in the State government or Joint Secretary to the Government of India 37,400-67,000 plus grade pay of10000 Super Time Scale
Principal Secretary in the State Government 67,000-79,000 Above Super Time Scale
Sub-Divisional Magistrate in a sub-division of a district/Section officer in state secretariat (Entry)/Assistant Director the Government of India 15,600-39,100 plus grade pay of 5400 Junior Time Scale

The Pay Levels for each rank are as following.

The IAS officers receive 2 extra-increment (6%) when they reach Level 11,12 and 13 and after the level 14  all officers salaries become same.

  • Level 10: (1-4yrs):   ASP/SDM/ Asst. Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 11: (5-8 yrs):  SP/DM/Deputy Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 12: (9-12 yrs):  SSP/DM (DS in GOS)/Joint Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 13: ( 13-16 yrs): SSP/DM (Director in Government of India)/Additional Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 13 A: (14th yr):  DIG (No parallel Scale in IAS or IRS)
  • Level 14: (16-24 yrs):  IG/Commissioner (IAS/IRS)/JS in GOI
  • Level 15: ( 25-30 yrs): ADG/Additional Secretary in GOI/Principle Secretary in State/
  • Level 16: (30-33 yrs):  Additional Chief Secretary /DG/Chief Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 17: (34-36 yrs):  Chief Secretary/DG/Secretary of GOI/ Principle Chief Commissioner in IRS
  • Level 18:  (37+ yrs):  Cabinet Secretary to Government of India

After 7th Pay Commission Norm Expected Salary:

  • Super Time Scale: INR 37400- 67,000 – Grade Pay + INR 10,000
  • Senior Time Scale: INR 15600-39100, Grade Pay + INR 6600
  • Selection Grade Officer: INR 37400- 67,000, Grade Pay + INR 8700
  • Junior Scale: INR 15600- 39100, Grade Pay +  INR 5400
  • Junior Administrative : INR 15600-39100, Grade Pay + INR 7600 .
Type of Pay Scale Salary at Entry Level
Apex Scale INR 240000
Cabinet Secretary INR 270000
Higher Administrative Grade INR 201000
Higher Administrative Grade+ Scale INR 226500

IAS Officers Salary Per Month:

  • Basic Pay: INR 23,640
  • HRA (at 30%): INR 7,092
  • D.A (at 65%): INR 15,366
  • T.A: INR 5280

The overall average salary stands at INR 51,378. However, it’s not the fixed salary for over the service because remains changeable with time. Basic pay is likely go to up by 3% PY and DA by 10 to 14%.

Other Benefits for IAS Officers:

The officers are quite deservedly entitled to a series of benefits or perks including:

  • HRA
  • Water Bills
  • Pensions
  • Office Vehicles
  • Government cars
  • Electricity Bills
  • Official Accommodation- Bungalows with gardeners and security guards at very low rates. They get similar facilities (bungalows) while traveling for official purposes as well.
  • Study leave of 2-4 years in a foreign university, expenses of which are borne by the Government of India
    Phone Bills
  • DA (As per available information, it is revised half yearly, mainly being governed by the inflation index)

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