Know About How To Become If Officer? (आईजी आफिसर की तैयारी कैसे करे?)

For any government post, whether it is the post of any department, written examination is organized for it, so in such a situation, you must have heard about the examinations of IAS or PCS, which are these examinations, government examinations. It is considered very difficult from the point of view of, in such a situation, one should prepare well in advance to pass these examinations, only then the chances of getting success in these competitive examinations increase, so let’s know that how to become IG Officer. We listed below some tips that may help you to crack the exam, so read carefully and try to follow these steps…

  1. For the preparation of IG Officer exam, one must read Current Affairs and Newspaper regularly and take some time to watch news channel in TV for one hour, which also gives information about the current events of the country.
  2. The exam of IG Officer is considered very difficult, in such a situation, to get success in the examination, one should try to improve them by recognizing their Weak Points.
  3. Try to solve the question paper of last year for IG Officer, for which question paper of last five to six years should be solved, by doing this it is known that what kind of questions are there in IG Officer’s examination and how they can be solved in given time.
  4. Build your good personality for the physical test exam for the post of IG Officer. And take care of your health, which will help in fulfilling the physical qualifications for Inspector General of Police.
  5. In the preparation of IG Officer, a lot of questions are asked from General Knowledge, so in such a situation, you should strengthen your grip on your general knowledge. Also, the preparation of the essay should also be done well.
  6. As you all know, Lakhs of candidates participate in any government exam, due to which the competition in these exams is very high, so for the preparation of which one should study and prepare diligently. In such a situation, one should study very hard for the examination of Inspector General of Police.
  7. For the preparation of IG Officer exam, 8 to 12 hours of preparation is done daily, so it is very good for your preparation.
  8. NCERT pattern books are considered very good for the preparation of Inspector General of Police exam, so to prepare for the exam of IG Officer, one should prepare from NCERT pattern books.
  9. While preparing for the examination of IG Officer i.e. Inspector General of Police, you can also take your online mock test by yourself, this will give you an idea of ​​how well your preparation is being done.
  10. Along with Self-Study, you can also join any good institute to prepare for the exam of IG Officer. Which gives good guidance for the preparation of this IG Officer exam.
  11. To prepare for the exam of IG Officer, you can also take help of Online Course or YouTube Videos through internet, where you will get videos for exam preparation.
  12. Preparation timetable should be made for the selection examination of IG officer, and according to it, one should prepare for all the subjects regularly.
  13. While preparing for the examination of Inspector General of Police, always keep faith in yourself and maintain a sense of positivity in yourself, and never bring negative thinking inside yourself, and stay away from such negative people.
  14. So in such a situation, if you use these mentioned IG Officer exam preparation tips for the IG exam, then surely you can get success in the Inspector General of Police exam.

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