Presently, the scope of education and employment sector has become very wide. Thousands of courses are being conducted in various educational institutions. Today thousands of employment opportunities exist, with this new employment opportunities are also being created. In such a situation where it is difficult to choose a course for yourself, on the other hand it is very difficult to choose the most suitable career. A qualified consultant is required for this work. This is the reason that today the work of School-College Counsel and Career Counseling has become very important.

School and college counselors help students in choosing subjects, solving psychological problems related to studies, and help them overcome physical, mental and emotional problems. Career counselors help a person to select the above mentioned options according to his interest, ability and ability from the current career options.

There is also a special area of ​​Counseling. Rehabilitation counseling. Rehabilitation counselors provide counseling to physically challenged and mentally challenged people. This makes disabled people capable of livelihood and social behavior, while eliminating the frustration and frustration of mentally broken people and creates positive attitude towards life.

Special Skills:

The job of a counselor is to understand the psychology of the person and to put his point before him effectively with logic. A good counselor must have patience, sensitivity, reasoning skills, evaluation ability, ability to listen carefully to the problem of people coming for counseling, their ability to understand and analyze the facts quickly. That person can present the exact solution according to the specific need or problem.

His presentation should compel the person to act according to the advice given or to take decision. He is proficient in oral and written expression. It is very important to have patience, humility and a sense of cooperation because the person coming for counseling either suffers from a physical-mental problem or a problem related to his studies or career and he is very confused about his problem. In or is upset. He repeats his problem again and again and poses similar questions.

In such a situation, the counselor should behave humbly with patience, with a sense of cooperation and intimacy. Counselors acting as consultants in choosing courses or careers should have knowledge of courses in various disciplines and excellent educational institutions in India and abroad. Which new courses have been started, what should be the qualification for admission, what will be the type of entrance examination. Counselor should be updated about the fee structure, etc. What new changes are happening in the field of education and employment, which are the emerging areas of employment, what are the new possibilities in them, etc. They should also be aware of them.

Course and Qualification :

There are no special vocational courses to become a professional counselor. Some institutes offer diploma courses in guidance and counseling. For doing the course, it is necessary to have a postgraduate degree in any discipline. Candidates who have a degree in Psychology or who have some work experience in the field of Psychology are given preference in admission.


Nowadays, counselors are kept in schools and educational institutions. Volunteer organizations working in the fields of social behavior, health, education, etc., can be employed as counselors in drug addiction centers, Nari Niketano and reform homes. Employment opportunities are the only opportunities as a career counselor. Work can also be done with information centers, recruitment agencies. An independent career can also be run by a counselor center.

The Salary

The career counselor initially receives about 20-25 thousand rupees per month salary. Salary, qualification, experience and employment also depends on the agency or recruitment agency. Qualified counselors in good employment information centers and established recruitment agencies receive attractive salary packages

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