These days examinations are going on everywhere (Exams in 2022). Board examinations of CBSE, CISCE and all the states are also to be held by March-April 2022 (Board Exams 2022). In such a situation, the students of class 10th and 12th are currently busy in their studies. There should not be any kind of tension in the mind while studying at the last moment (Board Exam Preparation Tips).

These days life cannot be imagined without social media. Be it children or elders, they are active day and night on all social media sites. But there is no doubt that your mind wanders a lot with social media. In order to concentrate and study, it is necessary to make a distance from social media for the next few months.

Distance from gadget is important:

If you want to score good marks in the board exam, then now keep your electronic gadget in the cupboard. Especially keeping distance from social media is very important. If you want to use social media to refresh the mood, then make a time table for it. If you keep your mobile with you all the time, then your mind can be diverted from social media. This will waste your time and preparation will also remain incomplete.

Walk to freshen the mood:

If you are tired of studying continuously for many hours and want to rest for some time, then instead of playing games on mobile or playing social media, take a walk outside for some time. If you want, you can also play any outdoor game. With this, both your body and mind will be active. At the same time, spending time on social media will not allow you to grow at any level.

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