Candidates have to answer many types of questions in job interviews. But the biggest issue is the deduction on salary. When the employer asks what is your requirement regarding salary, the interviewee starts thinking but only for a moment. In such a situation, it is important that you handle the deduction on salary well during the interview.

Mentions 4 such formulas, which help in handling salary issue easily during job interviews. Let us tell you what are those 4 formulas

1. Research from home:

For the job you are applying for, what should you expect or should do about salary, go about preparing from home. For the job for which you have applied, it is important to research how much salary is in trend in the industry. If you want, you can take the help of some websites, where information about what salary is available in different industries, even in selected companies, is available. For example,,, are some such websites.

2. Decide on another salary limit:

Before going to interview, think that if the employer does not agree on the salary you have demanded, then how much salary can you agree to. If the employer accepts the salary you have requested, it will not happen. He will also offer you a fixed salary on his behalf and would like you to agree on it. In such a situation, at the time of negotiation, you will also need another salary limit, on which you will be satisfied.

3. Do not pay salary disc in the beginning

In the beginning of the interview, if questions and answers start on salary, then try to avoid it. Until you get concrete confirmation, then avoid teasing your salary topic. If before the interviewer talks to you about this, then by not giving a direct answer, try to get more information about the position and work from the interviewer. For example, you can say that I want to know more about my position and responsibilities in the company before you decide on salary. Also I would like to know what your hopes are from me.

4. Decide what is more important – Salary or work

It is important to ask yourself one more question before going to interview, that is, can you earn less salary for the position and company you have applied for. Many people consider work more than money. Also, it often happens that we are getting a chance to work in the company of our choice or choice. In such a situation, we can agree on less salary also. Or the work is such that we are getting a lot of freedom and other facilities which are more important than salary. If this is the case then ask yourself these questions.

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