Have you ever made one of the excuses like this👉

1. I don’t feel like working

2. Ahh!! Not today, I would do it tomorrow promise

3. It’s so boring..I am not doing this today

4. What if I fail doing this

5. I don’t know how to do this , I won’t do this

Etc etc etc ….

Beautiful Minds and Happy Souls!!!

Hope you all are amazing and doing awesome things everyday. Everyone of us has made such excuses to avoid or delay the tasks given to us, well I do it often . I think everyone has made such excuses in their lives.

I thought why not go in the details and find out what in our mind makes us say or do that because PROCRASTINATION is a single, monumentally important key bad habit of all of us specially students .

Before jumping on other aspects of procrastination let’s know what disastrous implications it has on us:

  • Low productivity
  • Diminished performance and happiness
  • Poor mental and physical health
  • Increased level of stress with guilt and worry

A study shows that one fifth of adults and half of the students population procrastinate on the daily basis . Well, looking at the number of times I do it , it’s a quiet obvious figure.

Let’s dig out more about the phenomenon and know about reasons /solution to make our lives smoother .

Why do we procrastinate ?

THAT UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING- Ahh!! This expression turns out to be major reason to delay . Work makes us feel uncomfortable and unhealthy so, we distract ourselves to feel happy (temporarily).

PRESENT PAIN OF DOING TASKS- It takes alot of effort to get out of the bed and start doing what we hate the most . We focus on the present discomfort of getting out doing what it takes to complete the job and get it done .

LONG TERM GOALS- We often feel bored and disinterested in things that are going to get longer time than usual . e.g. Reading literature for one hour for a month seems quiet long and boring.

A long Path to Cover

ANXIETY- Studies indicate that procrastination is associated with high level of stress. In order to relieve that we avoid doing things that keeps on the mental pressure. Again, we delay for that temporary happiness.

LOW SELF CONFIDENCE- People with low self confidence develop doubts about their abilities . It makes us to avoid the difficult thing e.g. many students avoid Maths homework because they have less confidence in this subject about their performance.

Do Not Doubt What You Are Capable To Do :

FOCUS ON PRODUCT NOT PROCESS- If we have five questions to answer and in our mind it is portrayed as they are really tough and we can’t answer all of them . So, we couldn’t focus on the process of writing answer that was more knowledgeable part but we focused on completing all five . With this attitude we didn’t even started.

DISTRACTION – While completing an assignment we often get distracted by different things such as phone, internet , food and gossips etc. We were already not willing to do and then distraction made it impossible to complete on deadline .

Divergence makes the light spread like what distraction does to you 

INFLUENCED BY OTHERS- When we see our friends , role models or elders avoiding or delaying a tasks we assume it as a very normal thing to do everyday.

LAZINESS- We just can’t get out of that comfort zone we created around ourselves.

REWARD INADEQUACY- When the reward for the task isn’t defined we find the task not worth doing. e.g. a presentation on balance sheet  for 10 marks , reward being offered is inadequate.

OVER PLANNING- Usually happens with people who plan everything . They plan so much that at the time of starting the work it seems impossible to complete within the allowed time.

FEAR OF FAILING OR SUCCESS- Fear of will I be able to make it till the end or what if I become successful and everyone out there start expecting more.

PERFECTIONISM- When we want to do it with perfection no matter how many deadlines crossed or time invested . Attitude of “perfection or if no perfection than no work”

Well, that’s long list of reasons but what about solution to this mother of all ill habits in us. Let’s have a look at strategies we can use to trick our monkey mind and get the work done.

1. DIVIDE AND RULE: e.g. Everyday journal writing to divide and rock this task let’s segregate the task into small chunks and then do it . No one feels comfortable for tedious hours job everyone can easily complete small tasks.

2. IF AND THEN PLAN: Reward yourself with If and then. e.g.  If you read this for half and hour then, you will be going out for a walk.

Choose Your Reward Wisely

1. PRIORITIZE: We often engage ourselves on the tasks we find pleasing not on the important ones. So, prioritization is the key to no further procrastination.

2. SELF CONFIDENCE: Never doubt your capabilities. Facebook wasn’t build in a day btw.

3. 10 MINUTE RULE: We can start the task for 10 mins because the first 10 mins are the most uncomfortable one . Our mind and body needs time to sync in and once it is synced then, there is no stoppage.

4. EXPERIMENT AND LEARN: Rather then avoiding the challenging tasks we should start experimenting with the process of completion and also learn while doing that.  e.g. 5 questions to answer let’s focus on the best possible answers and at the end on the no. Of questions completed.

Experiment and Challenge for better 

1. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Everyday when we wake let’s tell ourselves you are gonna make it till the end.

2. FOCUS ON PROCESS NOT PRODUCT: We should focus on the learnings we will get while doing the assigned job not on the result expected . Process will give us experiential knowledge and that’s more important.

So, after so much of reading and digging research papers and also observing everyone around me I finally got the psychic reason and possible solution to conquer this robber of our productivity and mental peace

Let’s do it and make it possible 🙌 If we practice not procrastinating for 21 days it will be one of our habits , it’s proven.

Thanks of reading

Not everyone has the luxury of doing something pleasant every time and it is also not possible to rebel if something uncomfortable or unpleasant comes up to do . So, this post deals with the situation when we because of certain reasons procrastinate.

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