Creating an account on Google Pay is very simple, in two to three steps, your account will be created, to create an account, you must have a mobile number, email ID, and debit card or credit card registered with the bank. Follow these mentioned steps to create an account on Google Pay….

Step 1:- First of all, you have to download Google Pay App in your phone. To download the app, you click on this link Download Google App, by downloading from here and activating the account, you will get a referral bonus of Rs.100 which will be deposited in your bank. Credit will be given directly.

Step 2: – After installation, you have to open it, you will be asked mobile number, which will be linked to your bank account, you will get an OTP by entering the mobile number, enter it, then you will get the option of email id, you have to enter it.

Step 3:- After that, to secure the account, you will have to generate a PIN, in this you can create a PIN according to you, you will have to remember this PIN because when you open Google Pay, you will be asked this PIN, in the same step, your account will be created. But your bank account is not linked yet.

Step 4: – Now to link the bank account with Google Pay, open Google Pay, on the top right side, your photo or photo-like icon will appear, click on it, you will get the option of bank account below, click then click on add bank account which Find your bank and select that bank.

Step 5:- Then the OTP will come from the bank for verification, now you have to generate the UPI Pin, in this you will be asked the last digit of the debit card, you have to enter it and make a UPI pin according to you, it is important to remember this when someone you When you make the payment, you will be asked this.

How do you run Google Pay?

Now it comes to how to run Google Pay, so let me tell you, it is very simple, after the account is created, after the account is activated, you have to open Google, enter the PIN, it will open. Then you have to click on New Payment, here you will get many options, if you want to send money to someone from Google Pay number, you can send, bank transfer, UPI ID and QR, mobile recharge and bill payment. You can get all these options after clicking on new payment. To make payment to someone, enter his Google Pay number, click on Pay, after that you have to enter UPI Pin, until you enter this PIN, this payment will not be successful, after entering it your payment will be successful. You can pay anyone anytime.

How safe is Google Pay?

As you would know that Google Pay is a product of Google itself, which is quite safe, Google itself says that the user’s information will be kept safe, Google saves the data on a secure server in a safe place. Google Pay has 10 cr+ downloads on Play Store and Google Pay has more than 100 Million active users on all platforms and all work is managed in a safe way by Google Pay. Such a large user base is because it is safe with anyone. No one does fraud, no one’s money is held here, help is also available very easily from customer care. If there is any kind of problem, you can get it resolved by talking to the customer care, although there is no problem here, so this app is considered very safe and safe, you can use it.

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