When you think of becoming a doctor, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps you think of the white coat with the stethoscope hanging around your neck or maybe even making house calls to check on patients. Becoming a doctor is the dream of most people, but this dream of all people is not realized because, to become a doctor, one has to work hard day and night, after which some people become doctors. Not many people know that becoming a doctor requires years of education and training. It is important to know that doctors are not needed only in hospitals; They are also needed to provide medical care in rural areas or other places like prisons or even naval ships. In the world doctor is given the status of god because, he works to save lives and that’s why. Time he is considered equal to God. If you are also dreaming of becoming a doctor, then here how to become a doctor, how to prepare for it, information about qualification, syllabus, salary is being given.

To become a doctor, your English should be very good, along with the candidates who study in class 12 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology after passing 10th. A medical student has to spend four years studying chemistry, biology and physics as well as a year as an intern in a hospital. And even by studying medicine, one does not become a doctor, for this you have to participate in the examination conducted by the central and state also, if you want to take admission in the government medical college, then you have to take part in the competitive examination and also pass it. will be
Along with this, if you want to become a doctor through a private medical college without taking admission in a government medical college, then for this you will have to pay a very hefty fee because private medical college. The tuition fee in the college is very high as compared to the government college.

Along with this, candidates can become a good and big doctor after completing MBBS, BDS, BPT, BAMS, BHMS and other relevant courses. Being a doctor is hard work. This requires years of schooling and training in order to be considered for admission.

How to Prepare to Become a Doctor?

  • If you have decided to become a doctor, then you have to prepare to become a doctor and this article has been written for that. Your preparation to become a doctor should start from class 10 itself but it does not mean that if you have passed class 12 then you have no time now. This is only for those who want to prepare to become a doctor from the very beginning.
  • If you have passed 12th class with Biology with good marks then your exam preparation will be done with NEET competitive exam. This is a medical entrance exam, in which you have to participate and cut off in the exam, only then you will be able to get admission in a government-run medical college. Of course, the competition in the NEET medical exam is very tough as the medical seats are very less in government colleges and the number of admissions are very high.
  • In 12th, it will be mandatory for the candidate to get more than 50 percent marks in each subject because, to get admission in any medical college, it is necessary to get so many marks.
  • The candidate will have to get a good rank in the medical entrance examinations like CET, AIMEE, NEET because, the candidates who get good rank are likely to get admission in the government college. Where candidates have to pay less fees for studies. If your rank is not good, then you will have to take admission in private college where you will have to pay more fees for medical studies and sometimes you may have to give donation along with fees for admission in medical college.

Important information to become a doctor:

  • To become a doctor, you must have studied physics, chemistry and biology in your 12th.
  • It is mandatory for the candidate to get 50 percent marks in each subject in 12th.
  • The candidate to become a doctor should have very good English language.

Preparation for entrance exam to become a doctor:

To fulfill the dream of becoming a doctor, the candidate should start preparing for the entrance exam along with 11th and 12th. If you have to prepare for medical after passing 12th, then you have to get success in entrance exam after inter. This entrance exam has to be given to the candidates only after 12th, so they have to prepare for this examination of 11th and 12th also, for which candidates have to work hard day and night because, lakhs of candidates are involved in this entrance exam.

Rank in Medical College:

Those candidates who get success in the entrance exam, then they get admission in a good medical college, so that they can prepare very well for a good doctor. After reaching the medical college, the candidate has to study there with good effort for about 4.5 years. Along with this, you will have to do internship in a medical college for about 1 year to become a good and MBBS doctor.

How to Do Internship to Become a Doctor?

To study in medical college, the candidate has to do internship for at least 1 year, that means to become a doctor, he has to do a total of 5.5 years of medical education. For example, after completing MBBS, one can take internship from any college. After this, the candidate is given a medical degree by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Then you can serve people by becoming a good doctor in any hospital.

After becoming a doctor, if your dream is to become a specialist, then after completing MBBS, you can do post graduation by starting further studies, after achieving success in which you can become a successful doctor.

How much is a Doctor’s Salary?

An MBBS doctor gets a good salary for his medical service. Private medical hospitals like Max, Fortis, Sahara in the country appoint doctors on very good packages. According to the survey, 3-4 lakh rupees are given per month in a good medical hospital in India, along with other facilities which include HRA, insurance, other allowances. With this, you can become a government doctor by passing the medical examination conducted by UPSC.

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