Cricketer is considered the pride of India. It is the dream of most of the youth of today that they grow up to become a good cricketer and bring laurels to the country, but to become a good cricketer, you have to work very hard and keep your spirits high. After that you can become a good cricketer. If a candidate has a dream since childhood that he grows up to become a good cricketer, then he starts taking interest in cricket from the age of 8 and 9 years. After that he becomes a good cricketer with hard work. If you also want to become a cricketer, then here you are being given complete information about how to become a cricketer, how to become a cricketer.

To become a cricketer there should not be any shortage of energy in you because, if you lack energy, then you will start feeling tired very soon, due to which you will not be able to prepare for cricket well. To become a good cricketer, one should start practicing it from the age of 12 because, at such a young age, the energy remains completely inside us, so that you can practice cricket well. To join cricket, you must have a good knowledge of cricket and at the same time you have to work hard and perform well in your bowling or batting. You have to prepare well to become a great fast bowler or spin bowler.

Age Range:

No age has been fixed to become a cricketer in India but, for this you should be at least 13 years old and maximum you can be selected at any age (35 years) based on your performance because, That’s enough age to reach here. Generally there is no compulsion by ICC to retire from cricket on the basis of age.

Get Help from a Coach:

To prepare for cricket, you should take the help of a cricket coach because, until we do not have knowledge about cricket, we will not be able to prepare well for it. It is very important to have a good coach to learn and take information about the techniques and rules of cricket, if you take the help of a coach, then you will get good cricket training, which will improve your cricket game to a great extent. will go You will get to know how to play cricket with the help of a coach, how to play cricket, how to give good performance in it. You can get all this information with the help of a coach because, all the cricket coaches are trained and experienced. That’s why they have all the information about cricket.

Join Cricket Club:

To become a cricketer, you should always keep practicing because, unless you have a good practice of playing cricket, you will not be able to give good performance. Therefore, to practice well in cricket, join a cricket club, so that you can get a chance to play in the team of Regional Under-13, Under-15, Under-19. This is such a team that plays against each other and if you also perform well in this, then you will be selected for the state team. At the same time, other cricketers who perform very well, they can be given a chance to play in the league by joining the Professional Cricket Club. In this, the player who gives good performance is selected for the Open State team.

Ranji Trophy Matches:

If you get complete knowledge about the match and you have performed well in District and State Tournaments, then you will be selected for Ranji Tropy match. After this, if you give your good performance in Ranji Tropy match too, then you can be given a chance to go to the Indian cricket team. Apart from this, the player who has all the information about cricket and is also a good player, then such a cricketer can be given a chance to play in Test Matches, One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 matches.

Important information about Becoming a Cricketer:

To play well in cricket, every cricketer should practice for 8-10 hours daily, so that you can give good performance in each and every matter of cricket, and at the same time, by practicing daily, you will also have plenty of energy, which will give you a lot of energy. Will not feel the lack. While playing cricket, keep trying to learn new techniques because without it, you will not be able to play well. That’s why we have always been taking information from those people who have been giving good performance in cricket.

There are some cricketers who know how to do batting well, then some cricketers know how to bowl well. So some are adept at doing fielding. That’s why you also have to know that in what you will be able to perform well. So in which you can perform well, keep practicing it very well so that you can become a good cricketer.

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