Work of Inspector General Of Police:

There are many responsibilities of a candidate for the post of an IG officer, his main job is to maintain peace and law and order at the divisional level, so let’s know what are the functions of an IG officer –

  1. The IG officer has the responsibility of law and order of the entire board.
  2. The IG officers, along with their officers, encourage the work being done by the state government.
  3. The IG officers regularly inspect all the police departments coming under them to ensure that work is being done in the police department and they are getting resources there, whether there is any deficiency in any kind of law and order. It is being monitored by the IG Officer.
  4. IG officers play an important role in reducing the crime rate in their division, they take information about the crime report of every district. Instructs the police departments there on how to work so that crime is reduced in those districts.
  5. IG has to report every year to the DGP of the state government on the law and order situation at the divisional level and the crime rate in the division.
  6. The most important job of an IG officer is to maintain law and order in his circle. And their main job is to eliminate crime from the root.
  7. The task of the IG officer would have been to maintain peace and order in his circle and to ensure that law and order was implemented smoothly in his circle or not.

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