Career Tips:

The current financial year is about to end and the time for appraisal and promotion is nearing. Everyone wants him to advance in his career and gets proper promotions on time. But sometimes in this path, some of our habits become unintentional. We feel that all is well, while this does not happen. A report by Business magazine Forbes mentions 4 such habits, which may be hindering your promotion. Let’s know about these habits-


Often people feel that the longer they work and the more they work, the more they stay in the eyes of the company and the boss and the chances of their promotion increase. But the truth is that overwork somewhere reduces the value of your work. The overwork indicates that the person who is working more than the responsibility on the existing salary and designation, will be returned to normal work hover or responsibility even if the promotion is not given and he cuts the work. That is, there is little chance of loss to the company. In such a situation, companies often entrust more work on the same pay scale instead of promoting over dedicated employees. At the same time, working longer than the fixed hours also indicates your poor time management.

Curious Means Not Being Curious:

If you do not have the desire to know or learn about something new or strange, then you are creating problems for yourself. Employee’s ‘I know everything’ habit becomes a hindrance in promotion. So get used to asking questions.

Say Yes to Everything:

It is said that the boss is always right. But it is not right to follow this thing all the time. To say yes to every thing of the boss is a sign of you not having a challenging approach and not doing anything by yourself. Due to this, it seems that even if it is not promoted, it will not do anything, nor will it make any difference.

Make No Sense to Anyone:

Your ability to move forward in career is important, but at the same time your behavior also plays a role. If you do not like to meet or meet someone in the office, then it also reduces the chances of your promotion. Such behavior can also indicate your arrogance. Apart from this, you do not get a chance to learn anything from someone else and work to improve yourself.

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