• Bank PO Interview Questions And Answers You Must Prepare Before Interview

Bank PO exam takes place in three stages. The first and second stages are of the written examination and the third stage is the interview. You will know here how questions are asked in the interview.

PO job in banking sector is quite attractive. Every year lakhs of students give bank PO exam. Students who have passed the preliminary and main examination are called for interview. Many types of questions are asked in interviews. Its purpose is to test the personality of the candidate. Let’s know about some of the questions asked in the interview today.

1. Name related questions

* Tell us your name first. * What does your name mean?
* Name some famous celebrities who also have the same name and what are they popular for?

2. Location / State related questions’

* Where are you from?
* Tell us some interesting or special things about there.
* What is your state, district or city famous for?
* Please tell if there is any recent news related to there

3. Questions related to educational background

* How far have you studied?
* Why do you want to join the banking sector? (Especially from non-commerce graduates)

4. Work Experience Questions

* Why did you quit your job?
* Why do you want to shift to the banking sector?
* What kind of work did you do there?
* How did your work there help in the banking sector?

5. Questions related to other exams

* Have you given any exam?
* Once selected, will you join there?