If you want to top the board exam, these 7 things are very important for you.

Board exams of 10th and 12th are starting in March across the country. Every student wants to get maximum marks in it. Today we are telling you some special tips to get good marks in the exam.

Board exams of 10th and 12th are starting in March across the country. Many students aspire to top these examinations. With this, many students want to get maximum marks, so that they can get admission in a good school or college easily. If you also want to score good marks in the board exam, then we are telling you some tips, with the help of which you can top the exam by giving a correct answer to the questions. Let’s know about these special tips …

1. Solve important questions first:

On getting the paper, you should answer those questions first, on which you are more confident. Because in the exam it is not necessary that answers to all the questions are given according to the order. So first write the answers to the same questions that you remember well. This saves you time to think and increases confidence.

2. Do not write the answer in more words:

While giving the exam, try to write the question accurately and in short words. This will save you time. One minute is worth every exam. Writing more and more answers does not give more numbers. Do not waste your time by doing this. Some students believe that by writing a big answer, the teacher will give them more marks which is totally wrong.

3. Thoughtfully select the alternative questions

There are some questions in the exam that are given one or more options. In these options you have to choose to answer any one question. In such a situation, you choose the question about which you have coffee information. Or the question to which you remember the answer properly. It is seen that while choosing from such questions, students often choose such questions without thinking, which they do not solve later. This happens only due to haste and pressure. Therefore, in order to choose the right question, the student should first read all the questions given in the option.

4. Must solve all the questions

Try to solve all the questions appearing in the exam with honesty. Because there is no negative marking affair here. There is no harm in solving all the questions. You will write 30 to 40 percent answer to the question correctly, for which you can get some marks. These points will increase your percentage even more. Try to understand the style of the question and its demand. If you remember the answer, it is okay otherwise write your answer with your mind.

4. Don’t waste time decorating the answer book

It is seen in the examination that the students waste time in decorating the answer book by writing headings and making pictures with many colored pens and pencils. Because of this, they do not get time to write answers to other questions. But by doing this the student does not get much marks. Therefore, leave the decorations and fill the answer sheet in a systematic manner. in the exam Use only two pens, black pen for heading and blue pen for the rest of the answer. Also use pencil to make any Diagram.

5. Leave proper space between questions and answers

It is seen that at the time of examination, students do not leave any space while writing the question. Along with this, answers are constantly written in a line. By doing this, the teacher who checks the copy is also upset. So while writing the answer after the question, definitely leave a line. While writing the answer, make a long paragraph and leave a line and after that, thank the next point with another footing. Do not make the mistake of writing 15-20 words by pressing them in the same line.

6. Write questions and answer points

Instead of writing all the sentences together, it is better to write in paragraphs. Write one or two lines before and after each answer. This will make it easier for you to add a few more points to an answer later and your answer book will be visible.

7. Concentrate with a calm mind and solve the paper

Students are nervous when giving paper for the first time in the board examination. In such a situation, students do not have to be disturbed. Because it will affect your brain. Because of this, you will not be able to answer the questions endured. Therefore, it is important that students remain calm and focused. If all the students adopt all the tips and suggestions given above and solve the questions asked in the board examination, then they will surely be able to get the desired marks. Therefore, without worrying about results, just insist on giving your best.

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