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Hope every one is doing the best he/she  can do to make this world a better place.

I am here with the first post on the 20 lessons I learnt before life twen-tied me.

Here you go!!

1.  ACCEPTANCE- We usually deny to accept things as they are. Not only acceptance but we usually burden them with our super high expectations. Let the things go with the flow , not everything can be customized as we want them to be.

2. CREATE YOUR OWN SET OF VALUES- Having one’s own set of values regarding life helps to build a powerful personality. By this process you build your own set of values that will help you take your own stand.

3. STOP!!!!!- Take time for your own self, not everything is meant to handle with rush specially not your delicate self. Mechanical life can make you feel dead even before dying so, take your time slow down your pace and talk to yourself .

4. LEARN EVERYDAY-  Even a kid can teach you philosophy of life , you have to make sure that you can observe and grasp the knowledge spread around you. So, Learn everyday

5. PAIN WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER- What doesn’t breaks you , will definitely make you . Every person on this planet is not untouched with pain and sorrow . If are made to sit and asked to exchange problems and pain , everyone will leave quietly. So, pain will make you stronger and fearless

6. NEVER FIGHT OVER TEXTS- It only makes fights worse, fighting and arguing over texts can result disaster. We majorly read messages to reply not to understand . So, please sort out things face to face

7. DON’T WRITE ANYTHING OR ANYONE OFF- You never know who and what might help you in which situation. I am not asking you to talk to people whom you don’t like but writing anyone off isn’t also a good idea always

8. SIMPLE LIVING WILL CONTENT YOU- I am not pro at it but everyday practice I am being able to implement simplicity and less materialism . It helps to increase productivity and lesser hassle.

9. SET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT- To get great results please do write off unnecessary things to do and focus on what really matters.

10. PATIENCE- I am still learning by practising . It has a lot of benefits attached like you are more understanding and approachable for others . You will be better at handling people and situations.

11. INTERACTION- This will gradually increase your confidence, interpersonal skills . Interaction will help in problem solving and situation handling as well .

12. GIVE TIME TO YOUR PASSION- I am not asking you to make it your profession but asking to take out time for what you love to do. This will increase the happiness and fulfill you with satisfaction.

13. NO, is a complete sentence- Say, NO. Not every time you are available for anyone, not every time you wish to do a favor, not every time you feel entertaining someone. Just say no , because hesitating will need explaination , No itself is an explanation.

14. CHOOSE TO HELP EVERYDAY- We feel so happy when we help someone even with a glass of water, why not choose that eternal happiness everyday . Help everyday if you can , I am sure you see the difference.

15. NEVER COMPARE- Every human being is different. When we even do not match in our looks and the way we think , why comparison ? Every one fights a different fight , so comparing the life , situation will only make you feel low and worse. Don’t do this to yourself .

16. YOU ARE AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE- In my teens I used be really conscious about my weight, looks and physique but then , I realized my friends and family appreciate how I carry myself confidently. So, you are amazing the way you are just be confident and super happy .

17. QUESTION ALOT- Question alot about things you doubt, about your curiosity explore the things around and observe . Questioning will provide you better understanding.

18. YOU WILL LOSE FRIENDS- Definitely , but you will end up with most amazing set of friends . Trust me!!.

19. BROKEN HEARTS AND TRUSTS- I have experienced it and I am sure many of readers had it too. It is well said life is a roller coaster ride , don’t expect everything happy and shining. Gradually, you will know how to determine which person is right and who’s not for you .

20. DANCE THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF- Yes, no matter you know it or not . If you are shy dance alone , just dance 💃 . I bet it will tremendously increase your happiness and confidence quotient🙋.

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