The establishment of Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited was in the year 1973. It is an organization which works with metals and metal alloys. It is situated at the state called Telangana. It is an ISO certified company with all the modern techniques and high facilities which deals with metals.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited produces many special types of metals which are used in the production of atomic energy, various chemicals, applications used in aerospace and so on. It is seen that it also produces different types of special kinds of steels, super alloys, special metals and titanium. The site where all these products are creates has many types of new techniques for heat treatment, melting furnaces, tube shops, war drawing machining and so on.

The Chairman cum Managing Director of the Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited is Dr Dinesh Kumar Likhi. As it  is a Public sector Enterprise the Ministry of Defence is controlling the whole administration. Board of Director is managing the Company. It is a very challenging task to produce all such alloys and the MIDHANI is taking such challenges.

The main objectives of MIDHANI is to supply new and also high technologies of alloys and their products to the customers. The Company is also trying to manufacture all the metal products which gives strategic self reliance. MIDHANI is trying hard to achieve all the products which help their customer to grow and make the nation pride. The recruitment are also done by the Company where they hire the candidates in different posts such as Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager, Senior Manager and so on. The interested candidates can apply for the job according to their qualifications. The candidates can make their career best if they are getting selected in the job.

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